Music Made Me Believe in Magic

So this is the story of how I decided music was magic, and I think it’s the moment music became my biggest fascination.

Now, 8-year-old Jennette was always fascinated with how things work. But for the first time, I couldn’t figure out the secret behind the music…

Once Upon A Time…?

It all started in 3rd grade when we were brought down to the auditorium to watch the concert band play. At the end of the year, we could choose if we wanted to be in 4th grade band, so, naturally they wanted to show us what we’d be in for.

Looking back, I’m sure the teachers don’t exactly look forward to this assembly. For an hour, they have to sit through squeaky versions of ?Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star? and out-of-tune playing. But I imagine what would change their minds is the fact that IT CHANGED MY LIFE.

Picture this…little Jennette staring captivated at the rows of concert band chairs. I couldn’t figure out just HOW they knew when to pick up their instruments and play at the right time?!? And then they’d put them down (at the right time!!) and other kids would come in (at the right time!!).

I vividly remember thinking THIS MUST BE MAGIC!! There’s no OTHER WAY!! I was flabbergasted—and that’s putting it lightly. As soon as I got home I told my mom what I saw, that I was signing up for concert band, and I was going to play the flute. And at the end of the year I happily tucked away the light green flier (yes, I still remember the color), went home and circled flute.

Music made me believe in magicThe Real Magic✨

As I went to rehearsals and learned how to play I started seeing the tricks of the magic, so to speak. Okay, we count the rests in the music and that’s when we come in (at the right time!!). Oh look! There’s markings on the page to tell us to get softer and louder. And the guy in the front waving his arms isn’t casting magical spells to make this happen, we watch him to stay in time!

And I realized the real magic comes from US. All together we’re making this magic we call music.

And There’s More…?

(But … this story isn’t over …. wait until next week for part two and I’ll tell you how little Jennette’s life was changed yet again)

To Be Continued…


Me 😀

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