How Much Can a Musician Change in 3 Years?

The answer: A LOT! Over the past three and a half years, since I released my 1st EP, I’ve changed more about myself as a musician than I ever thought possible. The biggest change is happening with my voice, but also in my genre and arranging style!

My Voice ?

I had never considered voice to be my main instrument growing up. After all, I play a few different instruments so I’m constantly switching around. However, when I started to write songs my voice became the center of my attention—and I found out some very interesting things.

For example, here’s a fun fact: ✨Did you know the female voice doesn’t fully mature until about age 30?✨ I didn’t know that. I thought it stays the same and that’s that. (And it would’ve if I didn’t work on it, of course.) But, I seriously started targeting specific parts of my voice I wanted to work on.

I found out, for most of my life I hadn’t been singing with my full voice! So, my speaking voice and my singing voice felt like two different voices to me. This is actually quite a common thing to happen, and the fix takes time and practice to basically mix both voices together.

Here’s a simple voice breakdown for those who are curious. The female voice is made up of three different registers: chest voice, mixed voice, and head voice. Now if you’re either using only chest voice or head voice you will only be singing with part of your voice. The goal is to have a link between them—that’s the mix (and the fix!).

So, for the past few years I’ve been working on all of the registers of my voice. I can’t wait for you guys to hear what it sounds like now!

(Disclaimer: If you’re looking to start singing or working on your voice as an adult, I would suggest finding a good voice teacher.  Voices are delicate and unique to every person! All the vocal work I do is with the help of a professional!)

Anyone can make a change, it just takes time!

My Genre ?

When I first started writing songs, I felt like I needed to have a genre to stick to. Almost like the genre guided the songwriting. Now, I’ve switched that completely around.

First I write the song, then I cater to the genre. Instead of me sitting down saying, “okay I’m gonna write a pop song today”, I write the song and then decide what works best. It’s like in Harry Potter, where “the wand picks the wizard!”. In my songwriting style, the song picks it’s genre.

My Arranging Style ?

In my first EP, I was just so excited I wanted to keep layering and keep adding more. I was literally a kid in a candy store. But, now I’m more like an adult on a reasonable diet. I want to let the songs breathe more, and to let everything I add to the songs have a purpose. This has made my new arrangements more open and ambient sounding!

Evolving is Awesome! ?

To have all this change happen in a just few years showed me how much hard work and perseverance can do. I want all of you to know that whatever change you’re trying to make in your life to never give up!! Small steps taken consistently will help you travel to wherever you need to go!

Do you have an exciting projects you’re working on? Let me know in the comments below!


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