New Music, and a New Mindset of Personal Growth

Its Been Awhile!!

Hi!! Its been a few years since Ive put out new music; those past few years have felt so long. However, they’ve been filled with so much growth.

Starting A New Journey

The truth is that personal growth, musical growth, creative growth (any kinda growth, really!) takes awhile. At first, I tried to fight the timeand its long stretch of road standing in front of mebut then, I decided the journey would ALWAYS look daunting without taking steps.

Winding road without personal growth

It seems like common sense, I guess. But, when youre fighting within yourself, its hard to visualize your journey. Theres not an actual road in front of you; if there were onelife would be more straightforward, wouldnt it?


I think a lot of people assume the road is meant to be run down like a race to the end. We see who arrives there the fastest, who achieves the most. And when I think of having to run down that road for the rest of my life, I start to freak out!! Thats A LOT of running. Im not ready for that yet!

It’s All About Growth

But, now Ive realized. Its not about running. Its about growing. I try not to forget:

road of personal growth

You can stay in one spot on your road, but tend a beautiful forest. You can take a few steps everyday and plant flowers along the side. You can jog along and enjoy the beauty others have left behind.

Everyday, you choose to walk, run, step, crawl, stop, and search on your road. And everyday you choose something for yourselfyou grow!

Its a process, of course. And its a slow, but beautiful, one.

So this year, as I release new music, videos, and songs, I want to bring you all along on parts of my journey 🙂 And I want to be a part of yours!

Leave me a comment, let me know what you want to hear more about, and come say hi!!

Me 😀



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  1. Looks great. You know Colette and love following you and brother not to mention dad and mom. Keep growing be adventurous God bless

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